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Flipped Math Class

Here’s a look at Mrs. Sheehan’s Algebra 2/ Trig class learning about flipped learning and their video lesson on Educanon.

Educanon allows for flipped video lessons to become interactive by asking questions during the videos’ viewing. The interactivity gives way to important teaching/ learning techniques.

First, it demands students to be more active in their learning. Students are answering questions during instruction, which can increase engagement while requiring more participation.

Second, those questions students are answering provide instructors with formative assessment, or insight of what each student has comprehended from the material.  This will give Mrs. Sheehan a better idea of what should be focused on in class the following day.

Third, students can go back and use these videos as a reference tool later in the year and for review for exams.  Such an approach also provides students with mediation or scaffolding to help build up to deeper level content while providing support along the way.

Educanon not only gives teachers information on who watched what and how they answered the questions, it also does not allow students to fast forward through the video the first time through the lecture (they can always rewind to repeat sections)

Flipped learning gives teachers more time to work with students while they are actually working on problems, or what we would traditionally call homework.  Many flipped classrooms utilize collaborative learning groups during class while the instructor supplies facilitation and support (more scaffolding opportunities).




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