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Socrative Space Race for Review

Mrs. Golden, and the SJCI Academic Enrichment Center, recently used the Socrative App with students to review for Biology with a gamification approach.

Mrs. Golden recounts the lesson, “In the AEC, I used the Socrative App to help students to review for the Biology midterm.  After typing the review book questions into the app, students logged into the quiz using a code.  Students worked in teams to space race.  For each correctly answered question,  the team’s rocket ship advanced.  The team rocket ship that was furthest along at the end of the questions won. Even the tutors wanted in on the action, so we played tutors versus freshmen.  It got really competitive!!

Socrative has a teacher and student app to provide instructors with an instant look at how well students are doing.  The app gives you different options for testing students, including gaming-assessments.  It has been the leading app for iPad integration and formative assessment.

It might take some time setting up questions, but students have had a positive response to the fun approach. Knowing students’ areas of strength and weakness for a topic, through effective formative assessment tools like Socrative, can have an influential impact on achievement.  It is another resource to help us make more informed instructional decisions while also having some fun gaming.

Socrative iOS app for Teachers

Socrative iOS app for Students