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Socrative Space Race for Review

Mrs. Golden, and the SJCI Academic Enrichment Center, recently used the Socrative App with students to review for Biology with a gamification approach. Mrs. Golden recounts the lesson, “In the AEC, I used the Socrative App to help students to review for the Biology midterm.  After typing the review book questions into the app, students logged into […]

Flipped Math Class

Here’s a look at Mrs. Sheehan’s Algebra 2/ Trig class learning about flipped learning and their video lesson on Educanon. Educanon allows for flipped video lessons to become interactive by asking questions during the videos’ viewing. The interactivity gives way to important teaching/ learning techniques. First, it demands students to be more active in their learning. […]

Rome VS Greece

Mr. Stewart’s Global history class used iMovie to make catchy films comparing Rome VS Greece.  Check out students’ work below.   Here’s the assignment: ROME VS. GREECE DEBATE Ancient Rome and Greece are both very important ancient civilizations with accomplishments that easily equal each other. Therefore, in order to discover which civilization is more important […]

Automotive Engineering

Students had to hand draw 2,4, and 8 cylinder engines using the iPad. Here’s one cool example! “I made it in Notability. First I drew all of the individual parts of the engine (valves, piston, fuel injector, cams, etc.). I filled a page with just “spare parts” before I handed it in. Then, using Notability, […]