LEAP is an online learning community committed to making education accessible for all school community members!

Created by a team of educators from St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, NY.  LEAP is designed to connect students, teachers, and school communities.  We want to share and collaborate with the Lasallian world!


  • connect the Lasallian learning community
  • provide extensive course offerings for students
  • offer professional development opportunities for teachers
  • better prepare students to learn, collaborate and succeed in today’s fast-paced digitally connected world

Why learn online?

  • better equips students with 21st Century digital literacy skills
  • prepares students for increasingly common online classes in college
  • strengthens students’ grasp of prioritization and work ethic
  • creates more flexibility with class schedule
  • heightens accessibility for learning beyond classroom time
  • helps students develop and learn more about special interests
  • Allow teachers to offer dream courses that reflect personal interests and expertise
  • Students can show colleges they are experienced in an online learning environment

How did LEAP start?

  • St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute (SJCI) High School wanted to promote passion for learning by offering more elective courses through an online platform.
  • SJCI launched the LEAP program in the fall of 2014 with the help from a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) grant by the Oishei Foundation with the independent consortium of Buffalo Catholic and Independent Schools named EdCo. (formerely BISSNET)

How does LEAP work?

  • Teachers and students host classes on any Learning Management System (LMS) of choice.
  • Teacher can apply to teach their dream elective, core, or AP course
  • Students apply for course
  • School decides what credit class will be worth
  • Classes will be semester long and modeled after college online environment

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