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Automotive Engineering

Students had to hand draw 2,4, and 8 cylinder engines using the iPad.

Here’s one cool example!

“I made it in Notability. First I drew all of the individual parts of the engine (valves, piston, fuel injector, cams, etc.). I filled a page with just “spare parts” before I handed it in. Then, using Notability, I copied those parts and using the scissors tool, I combined them together to form a full cylinder. Once I had one, I just copied the entire cylinder and combined them into whatever arrangement I needed. Then I just had to add the camshaft and gears and label the parts. I used the highlighter so that the parts were transparent, allowing the parts behind to be seen.”

-Max,  Grade 10, SJCI



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Health: Mental Disorders Activity

Students worked in groups and created their own blog post about the disorders assigned to them. Collaboration was completely facilitated by the students, and in most cases done without meeting in person. This not only improved the students digital literacy with a blogging site it also developed communication skills within the online environment.
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Students used the Schoology discussion board to initiate communication between members of the group. Some groups choose to use other methods of communication like texting or setting up meeting times. It was essential that leaders arose within each group to ensure the quality and completion of the group. The teacher was available to support students with communication issues and help facilitate group communication. It should be noted that the teacher did not communicate for the students, simply gave them strategies on how to reach out to members of the group who were not meeting expectations.

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Once the assignment was complete each member performed an evaluation of the group identifying who the communicated and produced the best and worst. All group members received the same initial grade for the quality of their work; the grades were then altered accordingly based on if the other members of the group identified them as either a leader or someone who didn’t meet expectations.    


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